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With the rapid industrialization of Orissa, the industrial scenario adjoining to Rourkela city has also witnessed a sea change with establishment of many large, medium and small scale industries. Besides, the industrialization, Rourkela is also witnessing massive modernization activities.

A place with natural settings, Rourkela has come into prominence with the establishment of the first of the three Public Sector Steel Plants set up in India in 1955. Situated in the mineral rich belt of Orissa, Rourkela marked a new era in the Steel Industry of India being the only steel plant devoted primarily to the production of flat products and sheets. Rourkela serves as the most convenient base for visiting the places of interest in the district of Sundergarh.

Our History

Two princely State of Gangapur and Bonai constitute the present district of Sundergarh, consequent upon merger of the princely States in 1948. It is understood that the district comprised in ancient time, the territory of South Kosala. However, divergent views are available regarding the origin of the ruling family. But these ex-states were once under the suzerainty of Sambalpur which formed part of the dominion of the Marhata Rajas of Nagpur. They were ceded to the British Government in 1803 by the Marhata Chief Raghuji Bhonsla of Nagpur under the treaty of Deogaon. But they were restored to him by special engagement in 1806. They were finally ceded in 1826. In 1905, they were transferred from the control of the commissioner of Chhotanagpur to that of Orissa and a separate Political Agent was appointed.

History states that Rourkela was initially occupied by a tribal community called "Raulia" from whom the village got its name. It was only in 1931 after the declaration of a small area as an urban town Rourkela started picking up its status with a primary school, an office of the forester, a sub-post office, some tea stalls and restaurants. Gradually a train line was connected to Birmitrapur and Rourkela could avail a status of a junction and the number of railway employees also started increasing. After this, slowly different companies from different parts of the country started involving themselves in the constructing the Steel Plant.

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